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Week 1


procrastinate---put off till later

transparent---able to see through clearly

futile---useless; in vain

discard---throw away

immense---extremely large; huge; mammoth

Week 13-32

Week 2


ominous---seeming evil or dangerous; menacing


livid---outrageously angry

notorious---well-know in an unpleasant way

ricochet---to bounce off of


Week 13-32

Week 3


tentative---unsure; not define

conceal---to hide



pristine---pure; untouched; crystal clear

Week 13-32

Week 4


finite---having an end

infinite---endless; going on forever

obsolete---out of date

postpone---reschedule of later

disintegrate---to completely fall apart

Week 13-32

Week 5


aroma---pleasant smell

crucial---very important

harass---to irritate or bother

tether---to tie up; a short rope or chain

chronological---in time order

Week 13-32

Week 6


taunt---to tease

mutiny---sailors gang up against the captain


intentionally---on purpose

gullible---easily fooled or tricked

Week 13-32

Week 7


coax---persuade; talk into


muffle---quiet the sound

commotion---uproar or disturbance

omit---to leave out

Week 13-32

Week 8


versatile---multi-talented; able to do many things


acronym---an abbreviation using the first letters ie: UFO Unidentified Flying Object

rescind---to cancel; to take back a decision

adamant---firm in purpose or opinion

Week 9


obvious---clearly seen or understood

immaculate---extremely clean

familiar---to know well; experienced often

lackadaisical---careless in manner

timid---shy; lacking self-confidence

Week 13-32

Week 10


detest---to hate

orchard---a field of fruit

oppose---to be against

expedite---to speed up a process

perspective---one's point view


Week 13-32

Week 11



sinister---threatening evil

persistent---to not give up; keep trying

evasive---to avoid


Week 13-32

Week 12



imperative---absolutely necessary

rendezvous---a planned meeting

unanimous---everyone agrees

retaliate---to get back at; return wrong for wrong

Week 13-32